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The Sunken Stacked Stone Planter Box

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The Sunken Stacked Stone Planter Box

The project took 2 days to complete.  

Day number one consisted of seeking out the rock, and getting the infrastructure set.  Day number 2 was the stacking of the stone day.

The key was I found a roughly 2.5" thick slab that was roughly 5' long.  I figured out my maximum length and width, then marked it and cut it into a perfect rectangle.  

Once I had my base stone, I set the rock that it was to lean on in a thick bed of concrete.  Then I dug a hole where the bottom of the slab was to go, and created another thick bed of concrete for the slab to set in.  I added liquid nails between the slab rock, and the boulder.

Then I let it set up overnight.

Day number 2, I came back and once I found the slab to be secure, I went to throwing stones.

It worked out to my advantage that the slab had a slight bend in it widthwise.  That allowed the finished product look like a perfect wooden planter box.

The project was scary because I did the whole front side of the wall first.  Then about halfway through I thought, "Oh no.  What if it falls over??" So I started using a little bit of, "great stuff foam", to secure it.  That stuff is a miricle product, and dries quickly, so it complemented the mortar perfectly.

Once I had the rocks set in mortar and Great Stuff, I just filled it with topsoil and plants right away since the Great Stuff had it quite solid even though the mortar was still wet.

The end result was some people that loved it, some that wondered what the hell it was, some that hated it, and others that were unsure.

I love it, the client loves it.  And apparantly the, "garden club", in this prestigious country club community loved it enough to give the yard the, "Yard of the Month"!

I think it's a winner.

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