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How about a, "Moongate", to your landscape?

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How about a,

Moongates are a common feature in some of the top gardens around the world.  Originating in China, moongates were constructed as an entryway to a garden, usually reserved for the wealthy.

Moongates are the sibling to the, "garden arch", just round.

I have seen many different types of moongates.  Generally they are big enough to walk through, but moongates on a smaller scale are super cool too.

They can be constructed with formed concrete, stone, brick, wood, or just about anything you can think of. Personally I'm a fan of the stone type, but any type is cool.

A smaller scale moongate can fit many more budgets and spaces. Imagine the affluence one could add to your garden space.  Not necessarily a garden gate to walk through, but more of a decorative piece.  Some colorful flowers around it, and a light for night time statement can step up your landscape to the next level.

Sometimes a moongate is meant to insinuate a portal to a different place as in the show, "Stargate".  

I have yet to find a lucky client that wanted a moongate, but I am not loosing hope.  If one of these sounds intriguing to you please contact me, and we can work out a, "first one special".  

The moongate image we used was of a, moongate done by, Stone Point Studio.  They are one of my inspirations for these gravity defiying stone sculptures.  The owner, David Allen, is taking these to a whole new level.  From what I've seen, he has done traditionsl circles, and taken it to a new level by doing squares, triangles, stars, hearts, and God knows what else.  Like his facebook page if you are into it at, Stone Point Studio facebook page.

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