We won't be, "practicing", in your yard!

Drainage solutions come naturally to me.

After spending the past 15 years creating water features, it is safe to say that I intuitively understand water with keen common sense.  The Jacksonville area is mainly flat, so it isn't always as easy as, "water runs down hill".   We have the entire drainage solutions in our arsenal, along with, "decorative drainage solutions".  That means we can fix your drainage issues, and make it look good while we are doing it.

Top drainage solutions that we have used over the years.

1.  We have created swales moving around dirt.  This is basically a glorified ditch, that blends in with your yard to allow water to flow where it needs to go.

2.  We have added 4" drain pipe to gutters, and led them to low point/spill offs.  We've added multiple 4" drainpipes off of gutters, and led them to a 12" pipe leading to a low point/spill off.

3.  We have added basic drains attached to 4" drain pipe to low points/spill offs.

4.  We have added a large preforated pipe to a drain just under an air conditioner's drip to eliminate soggy grass.

5.  We have put in sump pumps where the intake was way lower than the water's exit point.  Allowing a trouble area near the client's driveway in Sawgrass to always drain after a rain, and they no longer can complain.....about the muddy stain, on the driveway..

6.  We have added weed fabric, plants and stone to create a natural looking dry stream bed to a front yard that turned into a nice stream when it rained.

The point of all of this is that if you need a drainage solution, we can create on for you.  Especially if it requires sump pumps, and needs to be decorative. 

Call Jeff Mansen today to see what one of the area's leading, "yard artisans", can do for your space.  

No fluff, read our testimonials, check out our project pictures, talk to our clients, go to their homes and see for yourself.  I DARE you!  

The value we can provide is second to none.

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