We won't be, "practicing", in your yard!

Landscaping is an art form, and I LOVE IT!  

Any one that can dig a hole, can be landscaper.  Each person that sets out on the sacred act of landscaping has a style (no style is a style too, HAHA!).  If at first you don't succeed, you can dig plants out and move them around until it's exactly as you would like.  It's not like laying bricks, or cutting a board, you can always modify things.

The, "style", that I have evolved into over the years when it comes to landscaping is, "Simple, yet well thought out.".  Of course the more experience you have, and plant knowledge you gain, the better your end results will be.  

So there are several things that have molded my, "style", over the years.

1.  I grew my experience and plant knowledge around my obsessions with building ponds and waterfalls.  I studied my early competitors projects in Jacksonville (Waterscapes, Reeds and Rocks, Waterwood Gardens), and I noticed that they a lot of times had knowledge of pond building and stone masonry, but zero landscaping skills.

I would find shrubs overgrown where you couldn't see the pond.  The plants might have looked good and small at the store when they were an infant, but what about 5 years later, or 2 years even?

Another observation that I saw was the over use of, "mutt plants".  Those can be described as average type plants that everyone has.

I wanted to be a plastic surgeon of landscaping my water features, so I set out to master what will look good for the long haul.  I also wanted to have my projects look like they belonged in a magazine, so I was always looking for that, "perfect specimen plant".

I was so anal about it, that I started landscaping our projects at our plant cost.  That way I knew it would be nicer in 5 years.

2.  Another thing that guided my landscaping style was my lawn maintenance customer's yards.  There were a lot of times houses in the same neighborhood, even side by side, that were dramatically different because of over landscaping.  The difference is one yard would take twice as long because of all of the trimming.

I call it the, "the builder's special".  It is a ligustrum on the corner, a sago palm near the walkway and driveway, shillings along the walkway leading to the front door, several layered rows of monkey grass, Indian hawthorn, and either some hollies or pittosporum.   What a nightmare to have to trim bushes at every 2 weeks?!!?

The biggest problem with that is if you don't hire a lawn maintenance company, it becomes a nightmare for YOU!  And generally it is very easy for the shrubs to get out of hand.

So less is more with my landscaping was born.  I wasn't going to mimic all of the other's, and if I had my way, my lawn guys, or anyone else in the future maintaining that yard, were not going to have a bush trimming nightmare.

3.  Something that, "grinds my gears", are the use of plants that just don't do well. Red tips, standard Indian hawthorn, sago palms, not in my landscapes if I can help it.

I am very selective with tropical plants too.  There is no need to have to re-landscape every few years because everything died, or always looks brown. 

If the description of my landscaping, "style", sounds appealing to you give me a call, 904-333-0411.  I am flooded with ideas, and can do a small hour long project, or a complete landscape renovation.  

Generally I can work out a great design with a piece of notebook paper and YOUR input.  If a formal design is needed, we have design partners that can draw it up for us.

Thanks for considering us for your landscape project!

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