"Simple, yet well thought out, we won't be practicing in your yard!"

Here are the basics of how our lawn maintenance program works:

  • We follow a system when we look at a yard, everyone knows we have to weedeat, mow, edge, and blow the propery off.
  • We also know that weeds need to be attended to, tree branches sometimes have to be cut, and bushes need to be trimmed.

But that's not all our expert lawn techs do.                                                  

  • What about keeping your eye out for damage to the grass due to fungus, bugs, over and under watering?  We train our people to look for these things so you can be aware of the problem.  You need a bug/fertilizer license to treat grass and shrubs, and we (and most lawn services) don't have it.
  • What about picking up fallen branches and sticks?   As part of our checklist, we pick up (not run over with the lawn mower) dead stuff that has fallen.
  • What about paying attention to see if  any  irrigation is broken?  What about knowing how to fix it right away?   It costs a lot of money for a professional irrigation company to fix a minor little problem that could have been fixed by us for minimal cost.
  • What about specific training on using the equipment?   Some lawn companies will send inexperienced employees out to the front line with no supervision. Our lawn techs are masters.
  • What about maintaining the equipment and having the blades sharpened on a regular basis?
  • What about getting a good night sleep, eating a good breakfast, and drinking plenty of water.
  • What about having the proper license and insurance?
  • What about being friendly and polite knowing we are here to serve you, not we are doing you a favor?
  • What about being attentive to specific client instructions for certain requests like don't mow the grass before 3pm,  cut the grass short, keep the shrubs away from the house, etc.
  • These are some of the things we instill in our lawn techs.   If they have the proper training, tools and system, they take pride in their job and do it to the best of their ability.  This is good because you have like minded grass cutters serving you with a common goal....do a good job.

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