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Fire features in Florida??

I have contradictory views on fire features.  I love them, and I think they are kind of a bad idea.  So I will lay it on you.  

I have created some beautiful fire features in the Jacksonville area of all different types.  Gas burning fire features and wood burning fire features.  Fire and water features, fire pits, fire places, fire bowls, fire pots, fire and ice, and even temporary fire features in my waterfalls.  I have went for the gold building fire features, but the clients that I've worked for have all had more of a, "want", than a, "need". It just doesn't get cold here that often.

I will get excited when someone wants to join me in my fire having hobby, and the possibilities are endless.  I'm always biased toward wood burning, but I understand and value the convenience of burning gas.

What makes my fire burn?

At my house, we personally have a several dozen fires per year.  We burn wood, and have a prejudice toward having gas fires, but it doesn't always make sense for everyone.

I grew up in the Northeast where it gets COLD!  Throughout the winter we would always have a fire burning in the stove (My father was cheap/low on flow, and wanted to save money on oil.).  So for me, the smell of wood burning evokes many great memories.  Not to mention all of the fires we had camping, at family gatherings, with friends as a teenager......., even the time I burned down the forest when I was in 1st grade. .

For those reasons I have a fondness for having fires, and love bringing that joy to others, wrapped up in on of our distinctive fire projects.

Even though I shared my preferences with fires, I won't let that get in the way of YOUR ideas and thoughts.  We have plenty of gas features out there.

What you have to consider when you are getting a fire feature.

Will it be gas or wood burning?  That is easy enough.  Wood makes it just like the Indians did it, but gas/propane allows you to flip a switch, or light a match, and BOOM, you have a fire.  There is no hauling wood, no fire smell all over your clothes, and no cleaning up.  Plus it is easy to put out!  You just flip the switch.

Wood burning fire features.

If you go with wood, here are some things to think about.  Make sure it has drainage, and proper air flow.  Another biggy is to plan ahead for high heat.  Fire is hot, and will crack a concrete, tile, stucco, stone with mortar type fire pits.  It is not guaranteed, but it has happened.

The solutions are to use fire brick on the interior, or a metal fire ring.  Sometimes these fire rings can be purchased with a grill built into it so you can cook on it!

Gas/Propane fire features.

The most important thing to remember when having a gas/propane fire feature installed it:  MAKE SURE THE LICENSED GAS COMPANY INSTALLS THE FIXTURE, GAS PIPES, VALVES, TANKS, AND ANYTHING ELSE!

We personally have never actually installed a gas fixture.  We have only installed sleeves to the fire feature from the gas tanks, and I suggest unless you are a gas company, you do the same.

A sleeve is basically a pipe, that a gas company can run their gas line through.  We have always ran 2" flex pipe.  That way there is no question of the sleeve being big enough.

When installing a basic throw a match on it gas fire fixture, you need only one sleeve.

When installing an electronic start fire fixture, you need 3 sleeves.  One for the gas line, one for the ignition line, and one for the low voltage line that creates the spark for it to light.  In this case, I would run a 2" main gas line sleeve, an 1" sleeve for the ignition gas line, and a 1/2" sleeve for the low voltage ignition line.

Call us if you have some good ideas about creating a beautiful fire feature.

The more creative you can get the better!  But don't be scared off if you are just looking for something simple.  I promise to listen to your ideas, and guide you to what is best for YOU.

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