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Some Heartfelt Testimonials From Some Of Our Previous Clients

(Disclosure:  Our work tends to enhance lifestyles.)

My husband I wanted to create a beautiful, relaxing environment on our patio area with a natural looking water garden. We interviewed every business within and surrounding the Jacksonville area for ideas, including attending the Home and Patio Show in 2006.

Jeff Mansen was one of the many chosen to come to our home and share his thoughts and ideas of how we could accomplish our patio goal. Jeff Mansen was by far the most knowledgeable and artistic spokesperson with this enhancement.

During our interview, Jeff pulled out drawing paper and pencil, he turned to me and said, “I have a talent on how to create Watergardens, if you let me do what I want, it will be perfect for what you have told me you are looking for on your patio.” We trusted Jeff from the beginning and highly recommend him to anyone that is looking for the natural beauty.
A close friend of ours just got back from Beech Mountain, NC, while observing our patio his comment was that “your water garden looks as natural as the mountain area I had just returned from.”
Jeff has worked within their timeframe of installment, he oversees all of his work, keeps a need and clean work area. He is also reachable by cell phone 24x7.

Again, we give Jeff Mansen our highest recommendation.


-Mary and Rob Rice

Jacksonville Golf and Country Club

We just wanted to let you know how much we’re enjoying the pondless waterfall that you installed for us last month. We’ve always wanted to be on the water and now we have our own private waterfall. It was great to have it go in so quickly and look so beautiful and natural in our back yard. Now that we have plantings around it, the waterfall looks as though it’s been flowing there forever. The spot has already been picked out for the next water feature you’re going to build. Thanks for a job well done.

-Gwen Rockwell
Switzerland, FL
I hired Jeff Mansen in 2006 to install my backyard pond. I had the opportunity to look at other companies’ pond designs and felt Jeff Mansen was absolutely the most talented and creative pond designer. Jeff listened carefully to my ideas for both the pond and the plant selections. He created a beautiful oasis with color and sound. Six different water lilies bloom with either soft or vibrant color. Koi flash through the pond plants. I love listening to the waterfall and often find it very difficult to leave my beautiful backyard! Jeff is highly ethical and I recommend Jeff to anyone considering a pond.

-Barbara Jackson
Neptune Beach, FL
To Anyone Debating On Who to Hire:

I am writing to express my appreciation and gratitude for the professionalism afforded to me and my mother by Mr. Jeff Mansen during and after the building of our water garden. It is difficult to find a company that stands behind their product and delivers what’s described during the selling phase of the project. However, I can say without hesitation that Jeff has delivered.

Now my mother and I have the perfect backyard focal point to enjoy. The water garden Jeff built for us can not have turned out any better. In fact, I’d describe it as PERFECT! We can not be happier with it’s design and aesthetics.

And, I also thank Jeff for being available to address post construction concerns and the timeliness in which questions have been answered.

I believe that Jeff’s attentiveness to customer concerns goes above and beyond the average company’s willingness to assist.


-Sandy N. Lain & Sandra L. Lain
Orange Park, FL

Dear Jeff,

Thanks for the great job you and your team did designing and installing our Koi Pond and Water garden! It all turned out just as I had envisioned it. I was very impressed with the level of collaboration you and I were able to accomplish to give our pond the right Asian tropical theme.

Now that our entire pool area has been completed, the Koi Pond and Watergarden really stand out giving our backyard oasis a very professional and complete look. All of our neighbors have been over to admire your talent. The investment we made certainly adds considerable value to our home. We will definitely recommend you to anyone also looking for a beautiful water feature.

Thanks again.

-Paul Gain
Jacksonville, FL
Dear Jeff,

I am writing to tell you of my complete satisfaction with the waterfall that you installed at my home last month. Not only has it added greatly to the appearance of the front of my home, but it has become the talk of the neighborhood with it’s outstanding curb appeal.

From the time that I began the design for the renovation of my current home, I had planned to have a water feature near my front walkway to enhance the experience of visitors approaching the entry porch. I had sketched many versions of what I wanted the “fountain/waterfall” to look like, but I became stalled by the enormous task ahead of me in the construction of the feature. Once I met with you to discuss my ideas, I was quickly reassured that you had the experience to deliver exactly what I had in mind. Your suggestions, sketches and photo album of previous jobs allowed me to more clearly understand what possibilities existed. Together, we developed a plan that would make an immediate and dramatic impact.

In a very brief two day span, the waterfall went from concept to reality before my eyes. The final product far exceeded my expectations, and the creativity and workmanship is outstanding. Throughout the process, you were attentive to my suggestions and you were willing to make modifications according to my desires. Each member of my family has found a different way to enjoy the sights and sounds of the cascading waterfall, from a contemplative sitting area retreat, to a soothing sound entering the bedroom window at night. Every one of my neighbors has visited to see the water feature, as word of it’s creation spread quickly around the block.

I would be very happy to endorse you and your company to any prospective customers that call on me for a referral. I thank you for helping me to create a magnificent entry at my home.

-Mike Lenahen - Aurora Custom Homes
Sawgrass Country Club
We are pleased, happy and awed by our new water garden. Jeff and his crew are courteous, and expeditious. With their thorough dedication to the project, our back yard was transformed in three days! Not only did they put together the project, they cleaned up and restored the yard where there was construction access.

Initially the idea of putting in a water garden seemed fey, but after sitting by it and listening to the peaceful sound of water flowing over the rocks, we are beyond happy. Truly we are awed at the landscaped transformation of our entire backyard. Our neighbors enjoy it also, hearing the tranquil sound of the water flow.

We would recommend Jeff Mansen and his crew for any water type of project. We are proud to have their advertising sign in the front yard and even happier to have their craft out side the back door.

-Chris Burns
Ponte Vedre, FL

Just to let you know we still thoroughly enjoy our water garden you installed over two years ago. We have many hours of enjoyment watching the birds, the butterflies, and of course the soothing effects of the water flowing. We have had the robins migrating north stay with us for over a week and they enjoyed taking their baths and the water prior to their trip north. We have had no mosquitos or other nasty varmits to bother us. It has been a real joy to have the water garden. It has been one of our best investments.

-Jerry and Shirley Downing
Atlantic Beach, FL
Dear Jeff,

Lion dancers, origami, dancing, bidding and lots of good food...Our Festival in the Orient McGala proved to be another big night for Ronald McDonald House FUNdraising! The final numbers aren't in, but we've already hit our goal of raising over $300,000 for our program.

I speak for everyone that cares deeply for the work that we do at the House when I offer my appreciation for your donation of a temporary indoor watergarden. Thanks to you and others like yourself, McGala continues to be a wonderful fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House of Jacksonville and allows our very special House to serve over 1,000 families throughout the year when their children are being treated for illnesses and injuries at our area hospitals and medical facilities.

We certainly couldn't have done it without you! Thank you for being a part of the evening's success!


-Mary Breedlove
Special Events Manager - Ronald McDonald House of Jacksonville
My family and I would like to praise the work and artistry of Jeff Mansen and his crew. Together, they created the most beautiful, natural looking waterfall and pond in our once unused and lifeless backyard. After interviewing and receiving estimates from several other pond specialists, we literally looked no further after speaking with Jeff. Not only did he understand what we envisioned, he far exceeded anything we dreamed of; and the prices were well within the other quotes we received. What sealed the deal was visiting his pondless waterfall creation at “Dirt Cheap” in Jacksonville Beach. Having seen the pondless system, we were sold and immensely more excited about the project.
However, now I had visions of an incredible pondless waterfall, and my husband could still see Koi fish in his future. We both wanted our ways so now we have a smaller, pondless waterfall under the windows in our front yard, and the most spectacular waterfall and pond in the backyard. I am proud to say that our pondless system is the first one Jeff has created in the front of a home. The color of the rocks he selected mesh perfectly with the unusual color of our bricks and an added bonus is that Jeff is and experienced landscaper. He chose and planted the most complimentary vegetation surrounding both our systems. Our ponds are proof of the hard work, dedication and artistic talent that Jeff and his team exude.
Not only are our pond and waterfalls beautiful visually, the sounds of water cascading over the falls and through the streams are soothing and tranquil. My husband, sons, and I are so proud of what Jeff has done for our home. Evidently you can buy a little piece of heaven and put it in your own backyard.

-Suzanne Greenlee
Jacksonville, FL

Just want to let you know how much we love the result of your pond rebuild. The frogs enjoy their new home and even the rocks sing a song.
The babbling brook has gone by the way of rushing water sounds. The rocks are singing and the goldfish are checking out all the new hidey holes to escape the cranes that come to visit.
The view from the office window makes you pause to enjoy the day and the view.
We were impressed with the speed you and Mike completed the pond. And you both took time to make sure the rocks were in the best possible position for the best possible view. It was enjoyable to see and hear 2 people liking their job and making the landscape look the best.

Thank you for taking the time to working the area to the best view in town.

-Les and Ann Proehl
Orange Park, Fl
Dear Jeff,

I'd like to personally thank you on behalf Of the Windemere Board for the outstanding installation of your water garden in the atrium of building #2. It is without a doubt, a masterpiece of your design and installation.

Thus far, all of the residents in the building who have seen it have been extremely pleased with the results. I feel sure that the returning residents from the summer vacations will be equally pleased with the garden.

In addition I want to commend you for submitting such an excellent proposal and producing a product that met or exceeded your proposed plan and delivered it in budget and on time.

Again, the final product is wonderful and surely enhances our atrium. As on of our residents was quoted as saying, "you are going to have to put another bench here so everyone can enjoy!" One of our workers today was having lunch and sitting on the concrete bench said to me, "this is beautiful and it's about to put me to sleep!"

Should you at anytime desire another reference please do not hesitate to call upon us. Bill Canty will be happy to assist you should you desire. By the way he was instrumental in getting you to bid on the project so needless to say, he too does a great job for us.

Thanks for an outstanding creation


-Jay W. Leek, BOD - Windermere at The Sawgrass Beach Club
Ponte Vedre, FL

To Whom It May Concern:

Jeff Mansen and his crew have done a remarkable job transforming our beach cottage into a very enjoyable and attractive property.

Jeff initially designed and installed a water garden for us. This was in a very limited area and he made the most of it. It has brought many compliments and hours of enjoyment to us.

Recently, we decided to re-vamp our entire front yard as some of our initial landscaping had gotten out of hand. Jeff consulted with us and designed a unique rock garden, landscaping and built a decorative wall around our palm tree.

He has an eye for layout and design and helped us pick out appropriate plants for our beach environment. The finished product was just what we wanted and was reasonably priced. Jeff was very helpful and accompanied us to various nurseries, rock facilities and assisted us with planning and transport of our new plants/trees. He placed all the plants, mulched and left us with a wonderful result.

If you'd like, please stop by to see our new design and Jeff's care in our yard.

-Steven and Ruth Nauman
Jacksonville Beach, Fl
Hi Jeff,

When we found your company on the internet, we had no idea what we had discovered. In speaking with other companies that created waterfalls and ponds, we were not very impressed. No one seemed able to understand what we wanted. They offered generic ponds and waterfalls, but we wanted more, and you delivered! You impressed us from the beginning with your enthusiasm and knowledge. You literally took our thoughts of what we wanted in a pond and waterfall, and turned them into a beautiful, AMAZING piece of art!

To say we love our waterfall/pond would be an understatement. We spend time watching the fish and waterfall everyday. Any day ends perfectly when we spend time relaxing in front of the masterpiece you created. It is amazing how the addition of the pond and waterfall has attraced so many beautiful butterfies and dragon flies not to mention the graceful frogs that take a swim at night and are illuminated by the lights!

Your ability to "see" the finished product, and then with rocks and water create it out of what was trees, roots (lots! of roots) and dirt is incredible. Susie and I were constantly amazed by your enthusiasm and work ethic. You truly love your job!

If anyone is unsure of who to hire for creating a pond or waterfall, please have them call us, or better yet, stop by!


-Pat and Susie Walker
Jacksonville, Fl
When my husband first suggested the idea of getting a pond for our backyard, I was less than enthusiastic. Most of those I had seen were somewhat artificial and contrived. After Jeff was finished and I saw the completed project, the first thing I said was that I had to write a letter about how unbelievable it was. Having talked extensively with Jeff, I had ascertained that he was extremely knowledgeable and expected a quality watergarden but I was completely astounded by the beauty and natural-looking oasis my backyard had become. Jeff has an innate sense of color and shape. He chose exactly the right plants and foliage and his keen eye for detail didn’t permit him to stop until every last stone was in exactly the right place. He really listened to our ideas and shaped the project to exactly fit our needs. The finished product was a beautiful, tropical watergarden that far surpassed anything I could’ve hoped for. I would whole-heartedly recommend Jeff to anyone who is interested in a landscaping project which will transform their yard into a showplace. After having seen ours, many of my neighbors are already planning their own watergarden project!

-Dr. Dawn Botkin
Jacksonville, FL
Dear Jeff,

This letter is long overdue! We’ve had our pondless water garden for about three months now and I must say, we enjoy it more each day!!

It is wonderful to come home and hear sounds of our own little North Carolina creek bubbling away and to have such a beautiful and unique garden bordering our front walk, which you helped us reshape to better enhance the whole area. You did a superb job in designing the space to incorporate our ideas and to address drainage concerns and challenges, too! You really exceeded our expectations!

Special thanks for all the extra little touches, like adding the hollow log and the rocks with holes, just right for mini waterfalls. I was impressed with how quickly it came together, but I also appreciate the extra time and care you took to get the details just right, carefully placing each rock to take advantage of its unique properties and creatively using plants from our yard as well new ones we selected. You seemed genuinely eager to meet our needs and match our vision, including achieving that natural look, similar to the North Carolina creeks we love, but in a tropical setting. You clearly have a great eye for design and color, as well as function. In addition, we loved your enthusiasm and commitment to the process.

We are also grateful for your help in reconfiguring the other side of the walkway to blend with the overall design (allowing us the option of incorporating that space into a larger water garden some day.) Visitors to our house never fail to notice the dramatic changes, and to express their amazement for the way you transformed the space, which had always been problematic before you stepped in.

Thank you so much!

-Shelley Whitman & Haddon Allen
Marsh Landing Country Club
February 19, 2008

Dear Mr. Mansen

Bill and I wanted to thank you for the water garden you recently finished for us. We had a vision and you brought it to life.

In regards to your workmanship, the water garden itself was a dream of ours that you were able to translate into a plan and you carried it out beautifully. The vision turned into a reality with your expertise in knowing what we were looking for and how to make it work in the space of our yard and home. The effect of the finished waterfall, rocks and plants surpassed our expectations.

We appreciate the professionalism you brought to the job. You told us when you would start and you were here and prepared. You told us how long the work would take and when it would be finished and you were right on target. You let us know what was involved and there were no surprises. It was a pleasure working with you.

We would certainly recommend you to anyone who would be interested in adding a water garden or waterfall to their home.

Thank you

-Debi and Bill Wilson
Jacksonville, Fl
Vinnie and I are delighted with the "Secret Garden" waterscape you created for our yard. It exceeds our expectations. From the first sight upon entering the foyer, to the lights, the landscaping, and the magical sound of gently flowing water; it is truly a work of art. Last night we sat around the lighted fire pit and had coctails with some friends and thoroughly enjoyed the moment.

Thank you

-Dennis and Vinnie Sullivan
Ponte Vedre Beach, FL
February 5, 2008

Dear Jeff:

I hope that you can see for yourself from Neil's attachment just how
beautiful our backyard has become. We used your water feature as the focal
point and planned the landscaping and the newly enlarged patio around it. I
now think of it as our garden oasis.

It was a pleasure working with you and your team. Your enthusiasm is
refreshing and your design abilities are just incredible. How you made the
waterfall so beautiful in such a brief period of time is beyond me. One day
there was a pile of rocks sitting in front of the house and the following
day (or so it seemed), the pile of rocks had been transformed into a
mountainous flow of water. I must admit that when Neil first suggested the
idea I was something of a skeptic. Now I can't imagine the backyard without

So thank you, Jeff. If you are ever in need of references I hope you know
you can count of the Eastmans.

-Neil & Mary Eastman
St. Augustine, FL

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