We won't be, "practicing", in your yard!

Being the creative type, over the past 19 years of doing work in the Beaches area, I've done just about everything you can imagine. I've since narrowed our services down to lawn maintenance, landscaping, and hardscaping.

I used to be a yes man.... "Yes we can trim your palm trees, yes we can put down fertilizer, yes we can blow the leaves off of your roof. yes I can help you move furniture, yes I can install a sprinkler timer and new valves, yes I can help you lift whatever".  But after learning many lessons, I have specific things that we do, and don't do, and the above, "yes' ", are part of what we don't do.

Below you will find a list of our services.  If you don't see something listed, it doesn't hurt to ask.  A lot of times I can figure out a solution for you and obtain a referral for you to go by since I have a great network established.

Thank you in advance for considering us for your yard.

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Call Jeff Mansen today to see what one of the area's leading, "yard artisans", can do for your space.  

No fluff, read our testimonials, check out our project pictures, talk to our clients, go to their homes and see for yourself.  I DARE you!  

The value we can provide is second to none.

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