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Ponds and Waterfalls will turn your space into MAGIC!

I have spent the past 15 years enhancing people's lifestyle by creating beautiful natural looking water features.  Where do I even begin to explain the joy I have brought my clients???

I am privy to it, because I have a beautiful waterfall at my house that I love.  I go out there sometimes to work on the computer, read, talk on the phone, play guitar, watch the kids play in it, and basically relax.  It is extra cool at night when the outdoor lighting is on.  The waterfalls just glow.

Not everyone writes me a testimonial letter, but these folks did.  By reading through those testimonials you can get a sense for the lifestyle enhancing effect of one of our water gardens.

The two main water features we create are ponds and pondless waterfalls.

Ponds are home to water lilies, goldfish, and maybe some koi if it is constructed properly.  Planning out a pond properly is the best thing you can do.  When creating a pond, you have to consider the health of any fish that may be going into it. There is a lot to it, and a pond setup improperly will cause loss of time, money, and added stress. Not to mention premature death of fish, Koi can live to be over 100 years old!

Pondless waterfalls are the easy way out.  By not investing in a pond's filtration, stone under the water, you can get way more of a bang for your buck.  You can have a pondless waterfall on a timer, and have it run on demand, vs. a pond that has to always run to keep the water clean and healthy for the fish. Maintenance is virtually zero compared to a pond, making it my top recommended choice.

In the beginning of my career, I was all about ponds.  Back then if you wanted a waterfall, it always came equipped with a pond.

People would want the soothing sound of a waterfall in their space, and something beautiful to look at, but didn't care for the fish or water lilies.  So why the pond?  It's brilliant.  As I matured in the business, I would actually talk people out of ponds.  Meaning, you were either really wanting the fish and water lilies, and would commit to doing the proper maintenance, or we would aim you in the direction of the pondless waterfall.

The big decisions of having a pond or waterfall installed in your yard.

So if you are considering a water garden, the biggest decision you will make is, fish or no fish.

Aside from the biggest decision when having a water feature installed, the smartest decision is to hire an experienced pond and waterfall contractor that has projects that stand up over the long haul, that look good too.  Unfortunately, we are not commodities that can be compared like apples to apples.  Creating a water feature is an art form mixed with construction knowledge, and overall common sense when dealing with water. 

Leaks are real, and I have seen tens of thousands of dollars wasted over the years by people who didn't realize the expensive choice most of the time is the low priced, "yes man", that can do it all.  Sometimes completely tearing it out and starting over is the only option.  I DON'T WISH THAT ON ANYONE!

I apologize if that sounded negative, I've seen it.  The point of installing a water garden pond or waterfall is to have something beautiful that enhances your yard, and lifestyle.  A place where you can relax with a drink, read a book, watch the kids or grand kids, and forget about the stresses of life.

Please consider using us if a water feature is in your future.  

We have installed over 200 ponds and waterfall in the Jacksonville, Florida area, and have plenty of references.  We can also setup where you can view our water features that pertain to your project.

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No fluff, read our testimonials, check out our project pictures, talk to our clients, go to their homes and see for yourself.  I DARE you!  

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