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This one thing HAD made people the most mad with our lawn service over the years.

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This one thing HAD made people the most mad with our lawn service over the years.

DOGS!!!  If you don't take the family dog serious in the lawn business, you are setting yourself up to be fired.  Pets and dogs are people too!  And if you leave the gate open, and the family dog goes missing, it is not good for anybody. Expecially the dog.  What if they never come back safe??? Then what?

Like I said, we have been fired, yelled at, and threatened enough times that we MAKE SURE the gates are closed.  I am a dog lover, as are the people that work with me (Jesse's dog, Betsy, is +20 years old!).  

We want you dog safe, end of story.  We will ensure that gates are closed, and if we see any evidence of them trying to escape, we will let you know.

I wish I could say that we are the only ones guilty, but one of the biggest complaint reason for us getting new clients was from the, "dog getting out syndrome", via other lawn companies. 

One of the stories that bothered me the most was we had a client who claimed their dog got out, and was hit by a car.  It cost her roughly $1500 in vet bills, and she wanted me to pay it.  Which she agreed to letting us mow the lawn for free for 10 months without being paid.  i did it, and felt like crap.  After that I ended up stopping work for her because I felt so bad.  I never saw the vet bill, or the dog.  It turns out years later I was in the area, and stopped and saw her new lawn guy out there.  I told him what happened, and he was mad, mad.  She told him the same thing, an had been out there working for free for months!  I think we were scammed.

Well, they say it not to bring negative attention to your mistakes, but allowing a family member to get out when we cut your lawn is something we protect highly against.

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