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Integrity Landscaping at it's finest.

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Integrity Landscaping at it's finest.

So we had a disaster happen back in December of 2014. This disaster left me holding a bill of $23,500.  My insurance company denied my claim leaving me to wonder why have business insurance in the first place?  Who has that kind of money just to write a check for? NOT ME!  Thankfully I have this serendipitous luck, and the balance was able to be worked out with the disaster control company with this sweet landscaping job. 

I spent some time last summer about a mile south of Mickler Road in Ponte Vedra Beach.  I was doing a major landscape renovation that while it was  a major project, was very simple at the same time.

I thought it was kind of funny that we were working in one of the nicest areas in Ponte Vedra, on a $1,000,000 property, and the owner told me to, "burn all the debris", when I asked where we would put the dumpster.  HAHA!  So that's what we did with like 8 giant loads of leaves and debris.

We installed 3 Hollywood junipers, 4 pygmy date palms, a bunch of mondo grass, dwarf mondo grass, and 300 azaleas.  That's only 5 different types of plants in a giant project!  

Our client was into simple, and brought up, "How about making it like the azaleas at the Masters?"

I thought it was a great idea, and now their yard will have a mixture of 4 different colored azaleas in multiple patterns all over their yard.

We added some structure plants around the house, and did minimal transplanting.  We also went over board with the mondo, and dwarf mondo.  SIMPLE, SIMPLE, SIMPLE.

The fun part for me was they wanted a giant stone patio in the front yard torn up and reset.  It was appartent the old owners had given up on grass under the trees, and found an alternative.  In order to plant dwarf mondo grass between the rocks we had to take all of the stone up, and reset it on topsoil.

We used the rest of the stone to create a really cool pathway too.  As it neared the driveway, it split in two.  It had dwarf mondo grass planted between the rocks, and the larger mondo grass on the edges of it.

With 2 dozen beautiful oak trees, we just HAD to light them up.  We installed 48 LED landscape lights around the property.  Being so close to the ocean, they opted for an all brass LED landscape light.  What a sight at night!

We finished up with 22 pallets of sod, and 150 bales of pine straw. 

I am thankful Brice was in need of my services at such an ideal time.  Otherwise it would have been tough times for my bank account!

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